Marine activities

Boracay scuba,Marine activities

Marine activities

We have various marine sports menus such as scuba diving and many other activities that you can enjoy from beginners to experienced people.


There are some activities in boracay island that are not available due to tge regulation of local gavament.
Please contact the shop for more information.


scuba diving,Boracay, Philippines

Scuba diving

Please enjoy diving with Boracay’s clear sea. From beginners to expert, we have various menus to suit each levels.
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Island hopping,Boracay, Philippines

Island hopping

Popular activities of Boracay which are held every day. You can meet colorful fish on the southern island in Boracay’s sea. You can enjoy vacation with friends group or family.

Helmet Diving,Boracay, Philippines

Helmet Diving

You can enjoy walking under the sea with a special helmet. Those who are not good at swimming and children (10 years old and over) can also participate. Because we do not put the face directly on the seawater, you can enjoy it, such as those who are afraid of water, disgusting make-up collapse.

Banana boat,Boracay, Philippines

Banana boat

Spread over the special rubber boat drawn by the speed boat, and rush through the sea comfortably while raising the splash of water. You can enjoy it with family and group.

Jet ski,Boracay, Philippines

Jet ski

Jet skis, which runs strongly at sea, is impressive full mark.In Japan, we can not ride without a license, but in Boracay you can drive by yourself after lecture by instructor. Of course it is OK for 2 people. Please enjoy this exhilaration at the opportunity to come to Boracay.

Fly fish,Boracay, Philippines

Fly fish

Boracay NO.1 Extreme-based activity. From the boat which jumps off the sea surface vigorously, can you go without being shaken off to the end?

Mermaid,Boracay, Philippines


The mermaid costume is very popular for girls. Become a mermaid at White Beach and to the attention of everyone.

Sail boat,Boracay, Philippines

Sail boat

You can enjoy a leisurely Boracay sea while being shaken by a wave on a small sailboat.

Parasailing,Boracay, Philippines


Pulling the parachute by boat and soar in the sky. You can enjoy a walk in the sky while looking at the beautiful white beach from the sky.


Boracay Scuba cater Marine sports and other land activities, spa and restaurants in the island that we can recommend for a best ever stay in the island of Boracay,Philippines.
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