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Diving Menu

Various diving menus are available.


There are some activities in boracay island that are not available due to tge regulation of local gavament.
Please contact the shop for more information.


*If you have problems with health, you may not be able to participate. Please inquire in detail.
Experience Diving
3,500 pesos
Bubble Maker(8 to 9 years old)
2,500 pesos
Scuba Review
3,000 pesos
Fun Diving
2,000 pesos(Rental Equipment)
1,600pesos(Own equipment)
Night Diving
2,000 pesos(Rental Equipment)
1,800 pesos(Own equipment)


Various Courses

*Course fee includes equipment, teaching materials, application fee, boat and so on.
*Various specialty courses are also available. Please inquire in detail.
*We accept card. Additional fee 4.5% for payment with credit card.
*If you have problems with health, you may not be able to participate. Please inquire in detail.
Scuba Diver
16,000 pesos 1.5 – 2days
Open Water Diver
25,000 pesos 2.5 – 3days
Advanced Open Water
20,000 pesos      2days
Rescue Diver
25,000 pesos      3days
EFR(Emergency First Response)
  8,000 pesos      1days
Dive Master
51,000 pesos 2weeks –


Boracay Island Diving Map

According to the selected course, number of people, weather etc., our instructor will guide you to the recommended dive spot around Boracay Island.

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Angol Point

Angol Point is a popular dive site of Boracay island. It has a depth of 5 m to 18 m. This site is use for the beginners, for training dives and also for Open Water diving.

In this site, where you can see colorful sweetlips, groupers as well as sea snakes and scorpion fishes. Also beautiful hard and soft corals are the attraction in Angol Point.

Fridays Rock

Fridays rock is a relatively easy dive site in Boracay. The Maximum depth of it is 7m to 18 m. In here you can spot all the usual reef fishes of the Philippines, Blue Spotted stingrays, lion fish, Snapper and Turtle.

Crocodile Island

Crocodile Island is one of the best dive sites in Boracay. The Maximum diving depth is about 5m to 24 m.
Here you can spot beautiful corals, reef fishes such as the beautiful lion fish or even moray eels.


One of the most interesting dive spots on the island of Boracay is the Balinghay dive site.

In Shallow wall in Balinghai, where you can find lion fish, trigger fish,anthias, bannerfish and gobies hiding. You will occasionally see moray as well. In the Deep wall of Balinghay features tuna, blue spotted sting rays ad sharks.

The shallow wall of the Balinghay dive site is compatible with open water divers, the deep wall would be with the Advance Open water divers.

Laguna De Boracay

Laguna De Boracay has a maximum depth of 5m – 15 m. This dive site is use during habagat season.

Laguna de Boracay is a good spot for hard and soft corals, turtles, different kinds of fishes such as cardinal fish, frog fish, parrot fish and damselfishes.


The main attraction in Tribird is the Plane Wreck. It has a Maximum depth of 22 m to 30 m that can Advance & Above course can do the dive.

The Stepped reef around the plane allows us to explore the reef after seeing the plane and the fishes in it.


The best dive in Boracay, a magnificient wall starting at 30 m going down to 65m.The main attraction of Yapak I is a beautiful swim through ” the chimney”.

There will be soft corals and be encountered with the dogtooth tuna, napoleon wrasses, white tip sharks and manta rays.

This dive is only for the Advance & Above courses only.

Camia Ship Wreck

The main attraction at the site is the ship wreck of a cargo boat. Diving into the site, you will be informed that the vessel was 37 meters long with a Maximum Depth of 28 – 30 meters.

The Camia ship wreck dive site is also home to the batfish, scorpion fish and red bass. Various types can be seen including the bluefin trevallies, nudibranchs, angelfish, snapper and napoleon.


Accommodation Package Plan

We offer a great package plan with diving and accommodation as a set.

Guests can enjoy diving by staying at a partner hotel of Boracay Scuba.

>>Package Plan Details

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For scuba diving in Boracay, Philippines, or about rank up, please feel free to contact us.